Great Wide Open

Great Wide Open is a 5 part documentary series directed by Oscar Winner Jared Leto, who takes us on a journey through America’s National Parks. This beautiful documentary showcases Mother Nature in all her glory and shows off the talent of America’s best rock climbers along the way. Leto himself is an avid rock climber who has participated in the sport for some time in between his acting career and his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars, which he started with his brother Shannon Leto back in 1998.

Leto talks to different climbers who have dedicated themselves to climbing some of the most difficult rock formations around the world, breaking records along the way and who have risked their lives to accomplish dreams us mere mortals can only imagine. Leto discusses with them their biggest fears, including death and major accomplishments whilst showcasing Yosemite National Park which is the main star.

Part 1 – The Conquistador – Tommy Caldwell. A professional rock climber who conquered the Dawn Wall, one of his most famous accomplishments.

Part 2 – The Dirtbag – Renan Ozturk. A rock climber himself he is also a cinematographer who has the camera turned on him in Great Wide Open.

Part 3 – The Rockstar – Alex Honnold. A climber known for solo climbs and has broken speed records along the way.

Part 4 – The Wolfman. Yosemite’s wolves are highlighted in this episode and their importance to the park.

Part 5 – Independence Day – Sasha Digiulian. World Champion rock climber. It says it all really!

As a fan of all things Thirty Seconds To Mars I may be easily biased, but this series has truly inspired and motivated me which is something I have been lacking of late. Whether you love travel, nature, rock climbing, hiking or Jared Leto’s work I urge you to take the time to watch Great Wide Open. The thing that is disappointing is the respective episodes are not long enough. They left me wanting more. All I can do is experience America’s National Park for myself and other parks around the world.

Great Wide Open is available to download on VyRT’s website and also on Budweiser’s YouTube channel, who supported the creation of this series.



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