Things that really grind my gears!

I need to vent. In no particular order!

  • YouTube make up artists who apply fake freckles. Seriously you just spent an hour and applied a tonne of makeup to reapply what you just covered up?!
  • Bullet journals. I just don’t get them.
  • Capsule wardrobes
  • Double prams or those donkey bugaboo ones. They are almost as big as an actual car! You can’t get around them and I have received one too many bruises on ankles from being hit by them.
  • Vloggers who call out trolls on social media. Don’t feed the trolls! This is what they want and you will become one too if you keep it up.
  • Sydney residents complaining about not being able to own a home yet you ask them how much they have saved for a deposit and they reply “nothing”. What do you think they are given out for free?! Stop blaming people for your problems and step up and take charge. I did and have an investment property and am proud of it. Plus I have great tenant who looks after it – so bonus!
  • Anti vaxxers. Enough said.
  • People who do not microchip their pets. I would be devastated if I lost a furrbaby and couldn’t find them. A chip helps with them getting home.
  • People who do not desex their pets.
  • Cooking shows that use the word ‘rustic’. Find a new word people.
  • Vegans that make food that taste like an animal such as chicken. Really?!
  • Hollywood actors who get give their 2 cents on politics. Yes everyone is entitled to their opinion but go be a politician if you believe you can make a positive difference. I rely on them to entertain me and distract me from the politics.
  • Politicians!
  • The ‘pink’ tax. Ladies, buy men’s razors they are a lot cheaper!
  • Paparazzi who take photos of celebs children.
  • People who dump rubbish. How hard is it to put a rubbish bag in your car, hold onto it or if it is home furniture, call the council. They do 2-4 free pickups for your home every year. You book it with them. Hire a skip bin. Stop destroying the planet people!

I feel a bit better after that rant. Enjoy the rest of the week people!



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