April Favourites

Every month I will show what bought a smile to my dial over the month. Events or items that made my life just that more enjoyable and appreciate it.

Kikki-K Planner

My Kikki-K planner has been a life saver! I was finding my work life getting more busy and that using my phone’s calendar was no longer working for me. I have gone back to basics and purchased this planner and purchased the wellness refill which has goal setting sections, checklists etc. When I am getting bored and need some inspiration  I like to decorate the pages with stickers that also come with packs. On the month view I list things that made me happy on a particular day. I have a week view where I have been planning my week ahead, to do list, shopping list, an inspiration section for my blog notes, goal setting and project planning. I keep track of my budget and weight loss as well. I have the large planner in rose gold.

2017-05-06 01.32.37

My Kikki-K planner

Sydney Royal Easter Show

Every year I go to the Sydney Royal Easter Show, normally on the first Friday before school holidays start, with my Dad. We both beeline for the agriculture section, or as Dad likes to call it, his therapy. He was born and bred in country NSW. The Show is great for people who grew up in the city and surrounding suburbs who can learn and see how country life is. It always amazes me when a small child gets super excited if they are seeing a sheep or cow for the first time up close and personal. It almost seems wrong that they haven’t seen these animals except for in books and on TV. The Show also has food displays, local produce, animal judging, flower and art displays, rides, show bags and plenty more for everyone to enjoy. It is held every year at Sydney Olympic park.

2017-05-06 01.34.36-3

Fruit and Vegie Display

Movie – Fate of the Furious

Can you believe this movie franchise has been going since 2001?! I was 17 and in the 11th grade in high school when it all began. At the time I write this the latest instalment has taken $1Billion at the box office worldwide. The Fast movies are fun to watch and I enjoy waiting to see what big stunt they can come up with next. Fate of the Furious is the 8th movie and displays ‘zombie cars’ and a computer controlled submarine! One of my favourite action actors Jason Statham stars in the movie and Charlize Theron too.

2017-05-06 01.40.14

Official pic from Fate of the Furious

TV Show – Lethal Weapon

When I first heard that Hollywood was remaking this movie series into a TV Show I was unimpressed. I am tired of Hollywood remakes. I gave this show a go as I was curious and I was proven wrong. They totally nailed it! This show is spot on with the movies and clearly some good research has gone into it, especially the casting of character Martin Riggs who is played by Clayne Crawford. He is brilliant and I am on the Team Riggs bandwagon. I highly recommend everyone check this show out. Season 1 has 18 episodes and has been renewed for a second season.

2017-05-06 01.40.38

Official pic from Lethal Weapon

Laser Clinics Australia LED Light Therapy

I get all my facials and laser hair removal with LCA. For the last month or 2 I have been getting LED light therapy for my breakouts. It has been amazing and worth every cent. After having your face cleansed you sit under the light and relax in peace and quiet. The yellow light is for 13 minutes and is for wound healing and rejuvenation. You can get this after a facial as well. The blue light which is done a coupe days later is for 22 minutes and targets acne. Due to stress and monthly breakouts I had terrible skin but after the first 2 weeks there was a huge reduction and now I get both lights once a week with LCA.

2017-05-06 01.41.02

Official pic from Laser Clinic Australia

Mars Store

One thing you will find out very quickly with me is I LOVE the band Thirty Seconds to Mars. Their music is fantastic and I am very much looking forward to their new album, which still has no release date, but we have to be getting closer! The band have been teasing the new album since August 2016. The majority of my wardrobe is all Mars merch and my latest purchase is the old school sweatshirt that was released for a limited time. I am currently waiting on the Camp Mars hoodie which will be sent out soon.

2017-04-26 14.32.20

Yours truly

I hope you enjoyed this little post and hope it inspires you to go catch a movie or watch the latest TV Shows to cheer you up if needed.

Have an amazing weekend- wherever you are in the World!



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