Film Review: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

I saw the original Beauty and the Beast Disney classic when I was younger and it was the first time I had been to the cinemas. My Dad took me to see it. This movie was what made me not only fall in love with all things Disney but also going to the cinemas.

After scoring the morning off work I finally took the opportunity to see the live action movie starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. This movie did not disappoint and lived up to my every expectation. It was 2 hours of pure entertainment and I felt like a little kid again.

The detail that went into the set designs, props and costumes just blew my mind. A lot of work went into this more than any other movie I have seen. Surely this movie will get some Oscar nominations and wins. I was paying more attention to the details than the actual performance by Emma Watson. She was cast perfectly as the role of Belle. I loved that they changed her storyline slightly. They gave her character a bit more substance and added some back story to the history of her family which was a nice touch but not overdone without upsetting us Disney fans.

Growing up I always related to Belle as she was a bit different from the rest and was obsessed with reading and letting stories take her away to far away lands to escape life’s reality. To be honest nothing much has changed. Watching this movie however I actually laughed when I realised I was a bit more like her father. He gets totally lost, rocks up to someone’s house and walks in like he owns the place, warms his butt up by the fire and helps himself to dinner that is just sitting there, only to freak out when he is presented with tea, and not a glass of Shiraz!! OK he freaked when Chip spoke but you get what I mean. Although I wouldn’t enter a stranger’s home I have been known to follow through on the rest!

This is a great movie and definitely one of the better live action Disney movies. I recommend you see it on the big screen whilst it is still available. Cinemas also have a sing along version so if you want to bust out a tune and show off your singing skills, or lack of, you can do that too!


Picture from official Beauty and the Beast movie



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