Decluttering and The KonMari Method

I take a lot of pride in my home. I am the Queen of my castle. OK that’s a straight up lie my cat Starbuck is but anyway! Every year I do a big clean up whether it be discarding items or just reshuffling furniture around and working on some interior design. Normally I start in one room and move onto the next only to find I have changed everything 180 degrees around and not much has really changed. I may have some bags with clothes to donate and some rubbish to chuck out but nothing overly impressive by my neat freak standards. I noticed in quite a few books I had been reading that a lot of Authors were referencing a book called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. After a quick google I came across a tonne of videos and realised it was quite the movement for us neat freaks. I didn’t even need to read the book, there is a lot of material out there. Her method has you tidying your home, breaking it up into categories not rooms. They are:

  1. Clothes
  2. Books
  3. Papers
  4. Miscellaneous
  5. Sentimental

Being a chick who lives on her own I had the freedom to work on this new project without any other humans around. It would be a challenge if you had a family and a lot more possessions to make your way through.

As you start a category you make a space somewhere and place EVERYTHING that falls into the category, together. For example clothes would include not just items from your wardrobe but anything you have in storage. Sporting memorabilia, sentimental items from school dances, jewellery and also shoes. Absolutely everything gets put together. There are some great checklists that can be found on Pinterest. Marie Kondo’s theory is by touching the items you ‘reactivate’ it. When you pick up an item of clothing you ask if it sparks joy in your life. I was a bit sceptical at first but very quickly understood this handy technique. I was holding onto a drawer full of t-shirts from an overseas trip I took 4 years ago and never wore. When I picked each one up and asked whether it sparked joy I found myself adding more and more clothes to my donation pile for local Red Cross. My school formal dresses and fancy jackets I had not worn in years hit the donation pile too. Things I kept putting back in my cupboard for years because I held onto them for really no reason at all. Literally 9 drawers got down to 2 and I have a lot of empty storage in my room now. Marie Kondo does have a folding method for items too. Standing them up not stacking them being one.

When you start a category you need to finish it completely before moving onto next one. As I live alone I smashed out 2 categories in first 2 weeks. One hiccup I came across is I would let my piles of items to be removed sit too long and have to start that category again as I made a new mess so to speak. Donations need to be delivered asap, rubbish removed and recycled. Do not start a new pile of crap like I did! It defeats the whole purpose of the exercise.

I am easily amused at how us humans accumulate so much ‘stuff’ in our lives.  I love reading books and an entire bookshelf saw study notes and magazines get thrown out and books donated to local nursing home. Any books now that are not novels I actually read on my iPad and the one monthly magazine I buy I read online. I love my books so I was shocked to see that I removed two-thirds of my collection. And knick knacks! Good god why do they even get made? They serve no purpose!

After starting this new method of tidying up I started using items that I would keep aside for the sake of doing so. Why have these things if they are never going to be used? I started wearing my Converse cat woman shoes I bought in Vegas back in 2013. Like that old saying “if you don’t use lose it”.

As I found myself with new space to fill, good things were coming my way. Who knows maybe removing all these unwanted items has cleared out some negative energy in my home. Nature abhors a vacuum.

If you take pride in your home or even need a new organising technique I recommend you try this technique. YouTube and Pinterest have heaps of great ideas.


Credit to owner for feature pic. Other pics all mine!



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