Exploring Blue Mountains National Park – Wentworth Falls

My friend Rozanne and I try to get out whenever we can to go hiking in different places around Sydney. On this particular trip last year we visited Wentworth Falls, located in Blue Mountains National Park. This track is about 1.5 hours drive from City of Sydney and an hours drive from Macarthur region which is where we live.

We hit the road early so we could start our hike early, also to grab parking as it is very limited in the area. We had plenty of water and food packed, along with hats and sunscreen.

Our hike started at top of a lookout where you make your way down a dirt path to the top of a steep staircase which winds down the cliff  to Wentworth Falls. The walk to the Falls took about an hour for us to reach which we stopped and had some food and drink and take in the surroundings. It is a 1.4km return walk. The waterfall itself is beautiful and the stop area is maybe a third from top of actual falls. Historic photos of Falls during heavy rains were available to look at which were very interesting. You would not want to be stuck there in a storm otherwise you would easily get washed over cliff face. Information on history of area is provided too. It is a grade 3 walk.

After taking plenty of pictures we decided to continue our walk along National Pass instead of walking back up the steep staircase. National Pass winds around the cliff face and took us about 1.5 hours. It is a grade 4 walk. We met quite a few people on our journey. A lot of track runners come through which we stepped aside for and families too. I couldn’t imagine taking kids on these hikes so shout out the parents who did! There is plenty of signage throughout the tracks giving you a guide to how long you have and directing you to other tracks that veer off from the Pass. We took about a million photos on this part of the track it was very beautiful and the views are stunning. We were very glad we continued our walk and see more of the area.

When you reach the end of National Pass you of course have to make your way back up! This part was torture on my bung knees. Empress Falls aka Hell! If I never have to walk up these stairs again I would be very happy. Next time I might start here and walk back up the Wentworth Falls staircase! We knew we were getting close to end of track when people who started their walks at this end were not hot and flushed in the face like us! I had to stop a few times to rest.

One convenient bonus – a small café is located at top of track so we had lunch there and the food was amazing. I just had fish and chips and it was so good! It gave us time to recharge the batteries and trek back to the car park which was another 20 minute walk.

I recommend everyone take on one of the many tracks throughout Blue Mountains National Park. It is a really great way to spend the day. You do need plenty of water and snacks. So many people did not take anything with them which was just silly. They did not plan their day at all.

Happy travels


All photos are my own.

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