May Favourites

Is it me or did the month of May drag on a little bit?! A lot went down this month and here is a quick list of all the great things that happened in my life. Always focus on the good and not the bad. Leave that BS behind!

Collective Hub magazine

The Collective has been a really inspiring magazine to read over the years. The first issue that grabbed my attention featured George Clooney on the cover. They feature articles on the latest trends in business, start ups and tech and feature some amazing people from across different industries. This Aussie magazine started small and exploded world wide with its unique content for entrepreneurs and business. It isn’t full of annoying advertisements that take up half the magazine which is very appealing. If you love business as much as I do I recommend you take the time to read this. It is released every month. The Collective also have seminars and events across Australia like Kick Start Smart.



Over the years I have tried and tested so many different skin care products to help keep my skin nice and clear of blemishes. Once I came across Skinstitute a couple of years ago I haven’t tried anything else. They have a great range from gentle cleaners, oil free moisturisers and glycolic scrubs. It is sold in a lot of beauty stores including Laser Clinics Australia. They have great deals. Three products for $99 or five for $149. Along with my treatments at LCA this range of skin care products has improved my overall appearance.

2017-05-31 05.53.49

Movie –  Beauty and the Beast

Disney’s latest live action movie was to die for! Check out my earlier post reviewing this epic movie. It was worth mentioning again.

2017-05-31 06.01.01

Celebrating Mother’s Day – by watching Alien Covenant

My Mum, brother and I love Sci-fi movies so my brother and I took her to the movies to see the latest instalment in Alien franchise a couple of days before Mother’s Day. Seemed appropriate too since I was born 8 weeks premature by an emergency caesarean and almost killed us both (team effort). I just tore my way out her like a little alien myself – but I turned out way cuter! She thought the movie was a great gift idea. We booked tickets to Gold Class and ordered plenty of food to keep us all going for the 2 hour running time. This movie was slightly disappointing I have to admit. I felt like it was just a ‘filler’ for the franchise and they repeated the same old storyline to capture a new audience. A lot like the last Star Wars, The Force Awakens movie. They did however add some more mystery to the series and hopefully leads to an even better sequel, or prequel, however you look at it! On the big day itself my brother invited the family around to his home and we all enjoyed a great lunch and watched more movies. It was a top day.

2017-05-31 05.55.57

Paying off latest overseas trip

69 days until my trip to USA for Camp Mars in Malibu and then off to Bora Bora after it! There is nothing more satisfying than paying off a trip. This will be my first time to Camp Mars, hanging out with the band Thirty Seconds to Mars all weekend. I upgraded my pass to a Supreme VIP. I have missed out on seeing the band play live so many times for many reasons so I have sunk all my money into this SVIP pass. Bora Bora will also be a first time trip for me. This trip will be for 2 weeks and my most expensive one yet. No regrets when it comes to investing in travel and adventure especially when it comes to seeing a band whose music has gotten me through some of the toughest times in my life. They will also be playing new music from their soon to be released album.

2017-05-31 07.07.36

Decorating my home

After having the same old furniture from when I moved out of home 8 years ago it was nice to update it. I have been in my current home for 2.5 years and the furniture didn’t match this renovated house. Everything started falling apart at once and it was time to redecorate. My new lounge is so comfortable I fell asleep on it just the other night. I have actually never done that before! The new furniture fits in with my home much better and I am very happy with it. As for the old furniture it is being recycled as it not good enough to give away which was disappointing. I framed a few pictures I have purchased on several overseas trips over the years and put them on display. As you can see there is a bit of a Disney theme happening!

Just a short and sweet post today. Enjoy the rest of your week and bring on June!


Picture credits to respective businesses. Feature photo by Barry Jones aka Dad!
Home pics are obviously mine!



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