RollerCon, Las Vegas 2012

So I am tidying up and reorganising my computer when I came across this article I wrote for a roller derby website a few years ago. I had forgotten all about it! I was involved with roller derby from mid 2010 to mid 2013 and played for just short of 18 months before I decided to step away from the sport all together. I played for Western Sydney Rollers in 2012 for the Fearleaders and my derby name was Vodka Bruza (#46).

Early that year I scored a spot on Team Australia’s B team and went to Las Vegas for Roller Con. It was my first time to Vegas and it was an amazing experience. Below is the article I wrote with no editing!

The trip was in July 2012 for a week at The Riviera Casino, which unfortunately was demolished a couple of years ago. A lot of shit went down in that casino over that week! Fun fact for movie buffs out there – The Riv was the casino Matt Damon smashes through at end of Jason Bourne movie.

RollerCon was nothing like I expected it to be. It was way more awesome than I could have imagined!

I arrived a couple of days early in Vegas and patiently waited for my WSR team mates to arrive, killing the time with a Hoover Dam tour and shopping trips up and down the Strip. Come Tuesday 24th the partying really started when LucyFurr, Angry Fairy and Numb Nutz arrived! We all registered and grabbed our programs for the week (more of novel than program). There were so many on skates’ classes, off skates classes, bouts to watch and parties to attend I for one wasn’t sure where to start. Most days started at 8.30am and finished as late as Midnight. It was insane!

The week started with watching a few of our ‘Merby’ players compete in Rebels vs. The Empire game including the one and only Numb Nutz! He did very well for a bloke who was asked to play only the day before and had never bouted.

I was a RollerCon virgin and I won’t lie, I was pretty overwhelmed by how much stuff there was to do! After smashing out a few off skates classes on day one I was feeling more confident, not bad considering I hadn’t strapped on any skates! I met skaters such as The Rev, Isabelle Ringer, Quadzilla, Suzy Hotrod and La Muerta just to name a few.

I participated in heaps of classes both off and on skates over the course of 5 days and supported my fellow Aussies either on the sidelines screaming my head off or playing myself in one of the teams. I was a player on the Dingoes B team and very proud to be a part of it. It’s not every day you can say you represented your country. We were beaten by the USA B team 67 to 54. I was more nervous in this bout than I was in my very first derby bout when I started! I have always been a blocker and have never jammed in a bout but decided to give it a go. Unfortunately I was sent to the bin for a low block but wasn’t there long as I was quickly joined by USAs jammer and sent back out. I was so excited afterwards and on such a high I completely forgot about Suzy Hotrod’s class I was going to attend, conveniently called Be a Great Jammer, and I hit the pool and started partying with the other Dingoes!

I am planning to go again in 2013 and highly recommend to all skaters to try and get to Vegas, if not head up to RC Australia at the end of this year.

I did go to RollerCon the next year and land a spot on Team Australia again. The team was called the Tim Tam Slammers! In 2013 I had changed leagues to be a bit closer to home.  I didn’t end up playing in Vegas as I had a few injuries and wasn’t confident I could play my best so I gave up my spot to another player. Whilst in Vegas I chose to quit roller derby completely. My injuries were least of my problems. I found the sport was no longer fun anymore and that was the reason I joined in first place. Politics were getting in the way. It is unfortunate that it had to happen whilst on the trip but it was best decision I had made and I have no regrets. I made some great friends who I have stayed in touch with and learnt a lot about myself. It is hard to believe that it has been 4 years. Where does the time go?!



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