Film review: John Wick Chapter 2

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Keanu Reeves is like a fine bottle of wine that gets better with age!

I have been slacking off on my visits to the cinema of late and managed to see John Wick 2 today. I believe it is last week it is in cinemas. I absolutely loved the first movie (and the soundtrack) and have been busting to see this sequel. I was a little hesitant as some people said they didn’t care for it. They were very wrong. This sequel kept with the continuity of the first movie so you could easily watch them back to back thinking it was just one big action movie.

The story picks up from where we left John Wick and his new dog (that has no name!)and he finally gets his car back only to be caught up in a whole new drama and a hit on him for $7 Million dollars. You would think the villains in this story would have learnt not to mess with The Boogeyman, but no! If they did we would have no movie! What could be worse than having your car stolen and first dog killed? Not much. But having your house blown up is right up there and sets John Wick off on a job in Rome only to find himself a target. A loose end for the person that hired him. Total stitch up of course. Retirement is no longer an option and he is back in the game.

The action scenes in this movie are top notch. The car and motorcycle chase scenes are pretty impressive and the hand to hand combat fights with Keanu Reeves are amazing. Keanu clearly trained hard for these scenes. I read he performed about 95% of the fight scenes himself. They were a next level up from first movie but his character kept same style of fighting. Even the music was the same with returning band Le Castle Vania actually getting to perform in the movie. Most people might think this is boring but they kept to a theme, an aesthetic, which I really like.

Although a crap tonne of movies are filmed in New York they shot in locations from different angles that have not been used very often so you can really appreciate the architecture. They don’t make them like that anymore is all I kept thinking! I feel like you watch the same scenes but with different characters from one movie to another but not this one. The locations chosen were stunning. The location choices in Rome were great too and had me wishing I was back there.

This movie showed us the dark underworld of John Wick’s assassin society and how large it is on a worldwide scale. It is very slick with its rules and honour among hitman. As Ian McShane’s character says “we have rules to keep us separate from the animals”. You learn about the hierarchy and how Wick got out in first place in more depth. Everyone still talks about Baba Yaga and how he killed 3 men with a pencil. We got to see him use a pencil to kill 2 assassins in this one. He is very skilled at his job!

Things go from bad to worse for John Wick’s character and leaves it open for the third instalment to this trilogy. Even if the third movie was to never happen it was a satisfying end. The last scene of the movie showed how big this society is and has me very curious as to how they will continue with the storyline.  I will be there with bells on!


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2 thoughts on “Film review: John Wick Chapter 2

  1. Carey Mulligan says:

    A great deal of fun, but I’ve never understood the praise for Peter Serafinowicz, and this did little to change my mind. His performance didn’t chime with any other aspect of the film, especially the pitch of the comedy. Will likely pop back to the pictures for a second bite.

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