Recharging the batteries

Sorry for slacking off on my writing but I have been smashed with this flu that is going around so I have been in hibernation. I have had time off from work this week to get over it and get my head on straight. It has been good for me and am ready to get back into it tomorrow. I have my lists and planner ready to go!

One thing I have done is I sat down and worked out my blogging schedule. I have a great deal of material to share with you all on my travels and life experiences plus other non-travel related content. I was hoping to get one out last Saturday night but was in no condition to write any quality material. I would rather not publish anything than put out something I am not proud of. I am also working on a Facebook page and a logo. All very exciting! I have always loved writing and wanted to be a journalist at one point early in my career but my fall down the rabbit hole changed directions!

One advantage ( if you would call it that) of having the flu is it helps you appreciate the things you have and lets you reset yourself. My body has been under a lot of stress these last couple of years and 2017 marked it all catching up with me in a big way. I have started time blocking my schedule which has been amazing for me and my days are being utilized better with work and personal life. It hasn’t been as scattered. I am a Human Resource Manager for my Family’s business which is in security and the nature of the business is all over the place, which means my schedule is too. The morning could be busy then you hit a dead spot from early afternoon to evening and then night shift drama will ramp up at change of shifts. Time blocking has tidied that up so to speak. Time moves so quickly one needs to utilize their day to get the most out of it effectively.

I am one of those people with my checklists and to do notes, planners, goal setting and budget books. I’m a glorified paper pusher – it’s my thing! I feel lost without it all and having time off has gotten me sorted a bit more. In saying that I am going to go and work on some material.

I hope you are all well and thanks for reading


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