June Favourites

Well we are half way through the year already can you believe it? Here in Australia it is End of financial year and some may think this is lame but I enjoy this more than NYE! I don’t make new year resolutions I make new financial year budgets and goals. I had a couple of small loans to pay off so I decided to refinance my home loan and pay them all off. It was a very simple process to be honest and it took such a weight off my shoulders knowing that except my home loan, I only had that one loan to repay not four. It had reduced my fortnightly expenses so I can concentrate on saving for my trip next month and bringing back my furbabies some souvenirs-lol. Even though I am 32, securing my financial future is important. I am already setting up for my retirement so I can be a fabulous cat lady that travels the world on a wine tour taking photos for Travelling Through Wonderland which will hopefully still be up and running!

The month kicked off celebrating my awesome friend’s birthday! Rozanne ticked over another year and we went to North Sydney to watch Ward of Shadows, an interactive horror experience event. It was a lot of fun and had us guessing until the end. We had a great meal at the local pub, enjoying a couple of drinks and successfully avoiding drunk old men!

I managed to get to the movies a couple of times too. I saw John Wick 2 and Wonder Woman. Both were amazing.

One thing I have always wanted to do is donate blood to Red Cross Australia. As I have tattoos my timing has never been great! Red Cross is one of the charities I support so to be able to give blood was rewarding. I have another appointment set up for later this year. The staff were very friendly and it is quite the social gathering. I was a little nervous being a first timer but I didn’t feel a thing and it was all over in 8 minutes. It took longer to fill out paperwork and compete an interview. I was surprised to find out that 25% of people do not show up for their donation and do not notify the staff. That number is too high if you ask me. I also donate all my clothes to the local store as well.

The second charity I support is WWF. I donate to them every year usually as a one-off or ‘adopting’ an animal. Most charities now let you give a donation on behalf of someone as a gift so this year and beyond I am looking at giving friends and family members gifts from WWF in place of Christmas cards.

What charities do you support?

~ Lauren

Photo by Barry Jones



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