Shomo the staffy – Rescued is my favourite breed!

For the last 6 months I have had the pleasure of getting to know the new man in my life – Shomo! I rescued my little man from my local animal shelter in November last year.

I was at the vet dropping my cat Starbuck off, when a Council employee came in with recently adopted dogs to be given a check up. Every one of them were staffies. I had the money to rescue one myself and had wanted to do so for a while so the next day I visited the local shelter after creeping on their page for dogs I might like. Shomo had just gone up for adoption after the Council was unsuccessful in contacting his owners. He had a microchip and a complete history but they never picked him up.  He had been there for 3 weeks.

I met Shomo and got to walk him around for half an hour. It was love at first sight! He is such a friendly dog and no other animal or person seemed to bother him and he was great to walk around. No other dog grabbed my attention like he did although if I had the funds and the space I would have taken them all home. I immediately paid the fee and signed the paperwork. I picked him up on Monday from the vet after he got the ‘fun’ cut out of him.  He was 3 years old when I got him. I will probably have little mini Shomos knocking on the door looking for their Dad one day!

Shomo is the first dog I have had since moving out of home 8 years ago so I felt like I had never owned a dog before and was learning how to handle one again! Especially one that loves his belly rubs and licking you to death if given the chance. He is quite an affectionate dog and full of energy. He is very curious about my cat, who is still pretty unimpressed I bought another animal home. They have had their little tiffs but I keep them separate. The cat isn’t allowed outdoors and when he is inside he goes into his pen or sits in lounge room with me and with the cat up on her scratching post out of reach. At least she has stopped hissing at him!

2016-12-08 18.48.10

Shomo is a big baby and we have only spent 2 nights away from each other. The kennel that looked after him said he cried for an hour after I dropped him off but settled in OK. I was worried he might of thought he was getting dumped again. The real test will be next month when we will be apart for 2 weeks. The kitty and I are used to it but it is a first for him whilst I go overseas for a quick holiday. He should be fine. I am the one that will be stressing! The first time I went on holidays when I adopted the cat I rang the local vet that was looking after her a couple of times and they politely asked me to stop calling!!

Rescuing this dog has been an amazing adventure and he, the cat and I will be together for many years to come.


Photos are my own



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