Final countdown to holidays!

Just under a month until I head back overseas for my next trip. It feels like forever since I have had a decent break from work. My last trip was May 2016 when I visited Japan for a month. That feels like another lifetime ago. Last year was a pretty crap one for me and that trip was only good part of it!

I am returning to Anaheim for a couple of nights to run around like a big kid at Disneyland which I do every visit to California. It really is a happy place! I will then stay in Hollywood for one night where I will visit Warner Bros Studio. I am meeting up with people who are also attending Camp Mars in Malibu.  I have not met them but have gotten to know them well on social media via the Thirty Seconds To Mars pages and groups. A few of us are meeting at a certain time at the studio and will probably spend more time playing ‘spot the Echelon’ than looking at sets. The first place to look for Echelon will be the Suicide Squad set up, specifically the Joker display.

Camp Mars is on for 4 days and 3 nights in Malibu. There are plenty of activities to enjoy which include band members Jared Leto, Shannon Leto and Tomo Milicevic. They will perform a concert for a couple of those nights for us campers. New music from their soon to be released album is being performed as well which Jared Leto confirmed today. They are adding finishing touches to the album as I type. I treated myself to a Supreme VIP pass which cost an arm and a leg but am told is worth every cent. This will be my first time seeing the boys perform live too. I have always missed out on tickets to their shows so I am pretty pumped to be seeing them!

After Camp I am back in Hollywood for 2 nights where I will see the sights in LA that I haven’t seen before including Griffith Observatory. I am only in US for 1 week total and then make my way to Tahiti and Bora Bora. That will be when the real adventure starts as far as actual travel goes. I fly to Tahiti and spend a night, back to airport next day and fly out to Bora Bora, get a speed boat to Hotel then a golf cart ride to my over-water bungalow! When I leave Bora Bora three nights later I reverse it, stay in Tahiti again and then fly back to Sydney via Auckland!! I am exhausted just thinking about it. Due to time differences, flights etc I have to stay in Tahiti on both sides of Bora Bora stay. My flight leaving Auckland keeps getting pushed back so I won’t be surprised if I get stuck there overnight. The actual flight from Tahiti/Auckland/Sydney is only 8 hours but a lot of effort to get to and from there. I was almost going to cancel that part of trip but BB Hotel gave me a free upgrade to a private island due to my original hotel being damaged in a storm. No way was I passing that up!

I then will recover at home with my furbabies for a week after before I return to Hell. Work! I meant work!

Hope you are all well


Photo by Adventure in Wonderland and Camp Mars

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