My Reverse Bucket List

Another year has ticked by in my life and now that I am a year older I find myself adding things to do and events on my bucket list. I sometimes feel like I haven’t accomplished much in my 30+ years so I decided to put together a reverse bucket list. It turns out I have done a lot more than I realised! Here is a snapshot:

  • Graduated High School
  • Completed my trade – Motorcycle Mechanic
  • Travelled Australia with Big Kahuna Race Team
  • Represented Australia in Roller Derby at RollerCon Las Vegas
  • Bought my 1st home, which is now an investment property
  • Travelled overseas on my own, and it was my 1st trip
  • Crossing Disneyland Parks off the list!
  • Watched the Isle of Man TT Racing – twice!
  • Got a tattoo. Which turned into a few!
  • Renovated a house. I am a fan of interior design
  • Was a brolly girl for John Sample Group/Gowanloch Motorcycles
  • Purchased my favourite designer handbag Louis Vuitton
  • Create my own website. Here we are!
  • Overseas road trips: Travelled England with my Dad and UK Topdeck trip
  • Rescue/adopt furbabies. One kitty and one doggo!
  • Donate blood
  • Donate to my favourite charities WWF and Red Cross
  • Fired a gun a Las Vegas shooting range
  • Swing off trams in San Francisco. So much fun!
  • Go to Vegas and play an old school poker machine with a handle!

I have more to add but I will work on that myself but this is a good start. As for my actual bucket list most of it has places I want to visit around the world. I am hoping to travel Europe next year and knock down the list!


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