Exploring Blue Mountains National Park – Three Sisters

On one of our hiking adventures my friend Rozanne and I drove out to the Blue Mountains again. This particular day we drove out to the historic Three Sisters. Neither one of us had been since our school days. The Sisters are a popular destination for school excursions here in Sydney which always ends up with an assignment to complete!

A nice early start as usual, we planned on maybe spending an hour out there at most. We should know by now that we always end up staying longer. Our mini adventure continued.

We made our way to the lookout which oversees the Three Sisters, then headed down to the bridge that crosses to the first Sister for some photos. I honestly cannot remember if that bridge was always there.

We made our way down the Giant Staircase which was quiet steep. Thankfully there are handrails or a rock to hold onto. Some points have you spinning out a little at the height. The staircase has 1000 steps (give or take) and by the time we reached the bottom we were feeling it. There was no way we wanted to walk back up them, and considering no one passed us going up themselves, I think it was safe to say everyone continues on, which is exactly what we did!

We walked along the ridge following the marked path, meeting people along the way. We made it towards the end of that trail and turned around to be met with stunning views of the Sisters. Countless photos were taken!

We jumped on the mine cart (which has since been restored to a more modern one!) to take us to the top of the mountain. My legs were jelly by this stage and I refused to walk anymore stairs. The ride was $21 and takes you up a very steep, 80 meter shaft to the visitor center. It was a lot of fun, we will forever be big kids. From the visitor center you can get the Skywalk back across the starting point where our hike began but we chose to walk back. Plus it was another $20 which makes for an expensive day. I do not know how families can afford a day out in Sydney. The walk back took about 20 minutes. Back in time for lunch we drove back into town and had a great feed at the Family Hotel.

Another great day of hiking was had. I am off on my next overseas trip and am hoping to get some hiking in around Los Angeles and Malibu.

Until my next adventure..


Photos are my own

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