Always Learning!

For quite some time now I have been itching to further my studies and my role within the family business. I have been managing the Human Resource Department for the past 10 years and learning the business inside out but am in need of a new challenge. My current role I could do with my eyes closed and hands tied behind my back. I need a career goal to set and to motivate me.

I have just signed up to complete my Diploma In Business. I had been looking at this course for a while now and signed up to Open Colleges. This course doesn’t have any work place assessments and it is all online so I have no need to attend any campus. I can work at my own pace over the 18 months I have to complete it. This is perfect for me.


I love business. It is almost a competitive sport. Only the tough survive and to do so you need to be constantly learning and developing your skills. Owners and top end managers want people who have transferable skills. Gone are the days when our Grandparents grew up they had one, maybe two employers their whole working careers and were qualified for only one job or skill. For employees to succeed today you need a variety of skills to contribute and you must be proactive at work.

Employers have it tough in this day and age too. Employees on average stay with a business for two years before moving on to their next adventure. Todays generation have the world at their feet and want it all. There is nothing wrong with that. They want to work for businesses that are growing and keeping up with todays tech and trends, and feel valued for the contribution they make to the business and team. Both sides have to learn and evolve together. Loyalty can be hard to come by these days whether it be business or not.

Wish me luck! Lauren

Photo is my own



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