Looking forward to something everyday

Some people have difficulty setting and achieving goals. A way to help you get started is by simply having something to look forward to everyday.

Life can be pretty dull at times and not having something to look forward to everyday can do some harm to your mental health and wellbeing. Having a yearly trip overseas like myself, isn’t enough to keep one satisfied and motivated in life. We need to find something to keep our imaginations wild and not get ourselves bummed out about what may or may not happen in the future. Knowing that even if you have a stressful day ahead the end result will be a positive one. It can be as simple as enjoying a glass of wine, playing with your beloved fur babies or catching a movie after work. Reading a great book (or blog ;), soaking in the bath, meeting friends and family for dinner, going for a short hike, bowling, you name it. These activities can spark joy in your life and inspire you which can lead to short and long-term goals.

I have a few projects at the moment that I have to come home to. I recently finished making Christmas presents for my Echelon sisters I met at Camp Mars in August and I have started my Diploma in Business which I work on everyday. Also this website. I am always taking notes on blogs I may want to write about and which direction I want to take my online work.

You can make a list of things that spark joy in your life so when times are tough you have a reminder that it isn’t all bad.



Photo is my own of Bora Bora

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