Relaunch of Travelling Through Wonderland

After two years of shutting down my blog, I am back. I have really missed blogging and wished I stuck with it, but we cannot change the past, just learn and grow from it.

Which is really what my page is all about. Taking you on my journey and offering advice and inspiration where I can. Time moves at a grand pace and I am currently writing down my achievements from the last decade. In a blink of an eye a third of my life has passed and I felt like something was missing, and it was this outlet. My website and blog.

This site was originally on places I have travelled but is expanding into other areas such as lifestyle, organisation, media and so much more. I have a crazy amount of material I want to talk and write about and share with you all. Often people are quoted as saying something along the lines of “we only have one life to live and if lived right, that is enough” or some variation. I am in my mid 30s *clutches chest* and I feel like I have lived 3 lives and am beginning a 4th as this new decade approaches. Life is a journey and mine has been up and down like a yo-yo. Just as I am on one path following the white rabbit, I take a different turn. Although unlike the rabbit, I am always on time!

Thank you for your patience whilst I rebuild this page. A fresh new start never hurt anyone. If you want to contact me, hit the contact link and send me an email.

Take care and enjoy the weekend ~ Lauren

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