Planning my work week

Sunday evenings are spent planning the work week ahead. I want to be able to walk in the office on Monday and get straight into work knowing what I have to do plus if something out of the ordinary hits, I do not get too flustered.

I am the General Manager of Administrative Services within my family’s business. In short, I am the queen of paperwork! I look after human resources, sending and receipting invoices, security guard event rostering, uniform acquisition, meeting with Clients and more. I am the one person within the business that knows what is happening across every department across the 3 States we operate in within Australia. It can be overwhelming especially when the Christmas Season is upon us. Being organised is key.

I catch up with the National Operations Manager (also my brother) in person or via telephone to ask if there were any issues from the weekend I need to attend to. He looks after our permanent site rosters across the country. Sometimes workers contact him for areas that are supposed to be directed to me, so we make sure nothing is missed.

This week is an off pay week and all taxes and superannuation were paid last week so I do not have to worry about that until end of this month. I have meetings around Sydney and in North Sydney so working out best transport options are a must. Do I catch a train or drive? If I drive I need to take into account that I lose 1 to 2 hours of time that could be spent on paperwork. It may sounds silly but I have to schedule lunch as well, as I have gone non stop without eating and was getting a little faint this time last year. Carrying a water bottle and snacks helps. Not eating properly is a bad habit I need to kick when busy.

This weekend we have several events on so I am finalising rosters, equipment and necessary paperwork for the respective Clients. There are a lot of people getting married on November 16 around Sydney and Christmas parties are on on all over the place that evening. Making sure worker’s site inductions and certifications are current are a must. I check these every fortnight. A big job but a vital one. I check in with State Managers to see how they’re going too.

I also have a course to complete online and a webinar this week. Tuesday and Saturday night I am working shifts for major events in our local area. This is all on top of day to day work I normally do. Honestly even though my calendar is sorted for the week ahead and I know what to expect, I am exhausted just thinking and typing about it. I need more hours but we all have 168 hours in a week.

Sundays are a day of rest. I make no plans on this day of the week. I sleep in, hang with my furbabies, catch up on Netflix and YouTube and chill out around my home. I may throw in some shopping. The batteries need to be recharged before I start all over again with my planning in the evening. I am not someone who can just wing it when it comes to the business. Not in this industry.

Hope you all have a great week


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