Dealing with chronic stress

To say that stress has been kicking my arse of late is an understatement. This past week my body has had enough and I have everything from tired aching muscles, tension headaches, insomnia, major anxiety and now I can add eczema to list. My body has broken out and I am officially over living like this.

I have had to pull out of working a shift tonight at what was to be a fun local Christmas event but I am at home having a pity party instead. Not a party I care for. A small part of me is glad the skin breakout is from stress as I can add it to the list of the terror it causes to my body. A part wishes it was something completely different, a new problem, and I also wish I looked like Kate Beckinsale but it is what it is. A girl can dream!

I like to think I am a pretty tough person and the mind and body usually chooses fight over flight. This weekend I have to excellent care of myself. Life is about balance and because I have had stuff all the body has responded in a big way. A trip to the chemist has seen me buy a load of new body cleanses, hydrocortisone cream and even new shampoo to help with scalp issues. I did laugh when a woman took a step back from me in line at chemist when I was explaining what was wrong! I probably would have done the same. A Doctors appointment is also booked for next week.

I know what the Doc is going to say – Eat healthy, exercise, get plenty of rest. A smart, standard response that one does not need a medical degree for. But as he is my Doctor who knows me well, and my history, I know he is going to want me to go back to therapy. Almost 4 years ago he sent me to therapy as I was dealing with work related stress. Six months in I was formally diagnosed with major depression. and placed on Prozac. In a morbid way the diagnoses is enlightening. You learn a lot about the mind and its importance on the body. You also learn that it is not a simple fix. If it was I wouldn’t be writing about it now.

In 3 weeks time I am on holidays which is a quick fix but not a permanent solution, otherwise we would all be travelling non stop. I need to speak to my Doctor and Therapist about what I can do now which will help me in the long game. I may go insane with this itching alone if I don’t!


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