Down the rabbit hole – where to from here

I can’t believe how much I have missed blogging and the community as a whole. So many great people and stories being told everyday from all over the world. I forgot how good it was to be apart of that. I also miss the planning side of having a website too and all that goes with it.

My page is very simple at the moment as I get back into the groove of it all and in recent days I have started up a dedicated Travelling Through Wonderland Instagram page and I am back on Pinterest. These new little projects have given me joy and a sense of purpose. Everyone has a story to tell and here I can tell mine. Blogging is a great creative outlet.

I know I am getting ahead of myself but the ideas I am coming up with on where this could go, and expand into other opportunities are endless. For years I have had a list of dreams I want to accomplish and everything falls into place starting here. This website joined the broken link that was missing. It will be a slow process but an exciting adventure nonetheless.

That is what this site is all about hence the name. Life takes us in different directions and our own little rabbit hole can change directions from time to time, giving us new opportunities or roadblocks to overcome before we can continue. I have wonderful support from friends who have been encouraging me to go all out and I am truly grateful. When one starts a new adventure you can find out pretty quick who is cheering you on.

Where to from here? Next weekend sees blogmas kick off and the week after I head overseas. It will be one hell of an adventure. The new year isn’t even here and the first quarter is jam packed.


2 thoughts on “Down the rabbit hole – where to from here

  1. Love this Lauren. This rabbit hole your heading down is such a great one and you’re right about it being a good outlet on top of the other benefits that comes with it. I’ll always be cheering you on! Keep doing what you’re doing because you’re amazing!!
    Can’t wait for blogmas! 🙂

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