On the first day of Blogmas

Today was a shopping day to get some last minute items I need for my upcoming trip. I had to buy some power adaptors for UK and EU as I couldn’t find mine. I know they will magically appear when I start packing my suitcase. If I do I’ll take them anyway and leave at a hotel, there is always someone who is missing one. I like to be prepared before a trip as much as possible. I know I can purchase everything I need around the world but I want to enjoy my holiday and not have to be running around looking for items. I have been with friends who have forgotten things and it was not fun spending time looking for what they needed when we could have been sightseeing.

The exchange rate is still in the gutter. I purchased foreign currency today and honestly it’s just easier to double it for Australian conversion. I will have to be super smart with my spending and not order too many cocktails. I am getting my family’s christmas gifts whilst I’m travelling too. I thought it would be nice to get them overseas. I haven’t actually worked out what to get them and no ideas have been given to me. Another magnet or keyring anyone?!

My home is decorated, christmas movies are stockpiled and I have posted out all my cards to friends and family. Unfortunately the christmas card list was shortened up again this year as we lost some more family members to cancer. Our family got smashed over an 18 month period with bad news. Everytime the phone rang I would jump and wonder who was next on Death’s hitlist. I love sending out cards but it is very quickly becoming an old tradition that no one is interested in. I think it is great to let your people know you are thinking of them and that you took the time to write to them.

My trip is going to be like no other I have been on. I will see my first snow and be in areas where the temperature is at a minus. I have a pretty awesome jacket, boots for the snow and thermals which I was lucky to get here in Sydney. Not many places sell these in the middle of Summer. I am not the biggest fan of clothes shopping but it will be a must when I hit London and before I go to Norway and Finland. I will live my best comfy life that’s for sure.

In regards to my first blogmas I have decided to do it through to the 26th but I may not actually get out 26 posts because of changes in time zones. It will be a fun challenge for me and really test my organisation skills. I have draft posts set up ready to go and a list of where I’ll be on certain days on my trip. My camera is going to be glued to my hand the entire time. Christmas really is my favourite time of the year and I am going to be non stop with wrapping up work, travel, getting home and hitting up all the family get togethers.

Please follow my blog and my adventures and I promise to put a good word in for you with Santa, when I arrive at Santa Claus Village up at the Arctic Circle in Finland.

~ Lauren

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