Bush fires in New South Wales

Welcome to Blogmas Day 5. As I write this there are over 100 fires burning across the State of New South Wales (NSW). The nearest one to my home is 50 km away and we are struggling with smokey air and burnt leaves blowing over area. The smoke has been full on since Sunday night. Personally this is the closest I have been and I am nervous even though I am nowhere near imminent danger.

I will keep today’s blog short and sweet and ask you visit the NSW Rural Fire Brigade website to read through information on bush fire survival plans, preparing your home and most importantly donating to the NSW RFS. They are volunteers and rely on our help to fund them so they can purchase necessary equipment for their vehicles. The Government only gives so much.

Please visit rfs.nsw.gov.au for information

To donate:


Definitely no filter or editing for this pic.
Taken from my front door. Sun blocked out and it was announced fire jumped over Dam 50 km away

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