Downtown Disney

I have arrived safely in California and made my way to Anaheim to my hotel near Disneyland. It is a little strange being here during the colder months but it was so beautiful seeing the snow topped mountains in the distance surrounding Los Angeles.

It has been a pretty good day too considering all the travel and jet lag has been ok. I had a nap this afternoon when I received my room key early. I missed the rain thankfully whilst I slept.

I spent the day taking photos of the Christmas decorations around Downtown Disney and did a bit of shopping. Sadly everyone who knows me, knows I got Disney pins first, shopped at Sephora (even though one is at home) and finished up at the UVA Bar. I’m a creature of habit. I grabbed breakfast there this morning and it was beautiful. I ended up back there again tonight for sangrias.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I am getting a 2 day hopper pass and will take on the parks. I am undecided if I should get a 3 days pass as I have all of Monday here before I fly to London. The exchange rate stings and that is a deciding factor. I’m not fussed if I don’t get on any rides, I am here to see what the parks look like during the Christmas period and watch all the entertainment. I have always wanted to see Disneyland at Christmas time. The souvenirs are really impressive. I’m already going to come back specifically for a trip to buy decorations and have a designated Disney tree at home!

I’m off to bed and I hope I get a good night’s rest and wake up looking fabulous like Princess Aurora.