Day 1 at Disneyland

What a day! Nice and cool and the rain held off. My first stop was at Disneyland where I got a few fun rides in which included Snow White, Pinocchio, Mr Toads Wild ride and Roger Rabbit. Roger Rabbit ride actually broke down and we were given a Fastpass for any ride without choosing a time. I used it at Haunted Mansion Holiday and it was SO good!

It’s a small world was excellent too. It had a holiday makeover and Christmas music was playing. I want to go check it out again tomorrow.

I took heaps of photos and found little boutique stores I have missed in the past that are tucked away. The crystal shop was a favourite.

Seeing the park at night was so pretty but unfortunately Main street was closed for a private VIP function. Also the crowds were building around the castle for the fireworks display from 5pm. I’m hoping Sunday night is different. I really wanted to take photos of the decorations down Main.

The best pic I could get of Main Street. The people are all VIPs who got special invites and are mostly staff members.

Sunday I am off to California Adventure Park. I had a quick look around tonight but rain started oh so slightly. It is supposed to rain tomorrow which is fine. I love the rain. The Christmas tree I actually preferred over Disneyland one


2 thoughts on “Day 1 at Disneyland

  1. So glad you enjoyed your first day in the Parks!! All of your photos look so magical. I love that there are Holiday variations of some rides and I totally know what you mean about the crystal store. There are so many beautiful, highly detailed Disney things inside.

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