Day 2 Drama at Disneyland

What a frustrating day. I woke up with an old injury that flared up which had me struggling to get out of bed so I was in quite the mood. To add to my bad mood I had to put up with people walking in groups 5 people wide, women using their prams as battering rams and some of the most overdramatic children I have ever seen. A special mention to the 13 year old girl that had a diva-esque flame out over a duck she didn’t like the colours of.

I kicked off the day at California Adventure Park where it was nice and quiet. I took heaps of photos and only jumped on the Little Mermaid ride before wandering over to the main park. It was the calm before the storm.

People just didn’t care where they were going or if they bumped into someone. Manners were out the window and that goes for the Disney cast members too operating the rides. They did not want to be working. Everyone was feral.

Wi-Fi kept cutting out so no one could use the Disney app when needed and the Fastpass lines, had actual lines. Literally the whole idea of that is so you don’t line up. The rain held off for most of the day however rides were stalling or breaking down completely across the parks. I was blessed to have been on the Railroad when it was delayed for 15 minutes, then it was stopped completely after our train finished its loop, Haunted Mansion stopped 4 times whilst I was on it and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad stopped abruptly for a minute on a climb which had everyone complaining of a sore neck and back.

I headed out of the park to a bar for a much needed glass of wine when the rain hit. I just made it under shelter so I had some comfort watching people scatter! I was talking to a nice lady from South Carolina who is in LA for a week on business. She decided to go to the parks on her own too and she mentioned about people’s behaviour today, which actually made me feel better! It wasn’t just me that noticed it.

After going our separate ways I hit the shops again and bought some Christmas inspired clothes. I haven’t packed my bags yet I hope this all fits! I am only onto 3rd night of 18 nights of travel! Tomorrow is gonna be a chill day. I check out of my hotel at midday then have maybe 4 hours to kill before I head to LAX and fly to London. I am looking forward to the chilly weather.


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