Epic day in London

With all the travel yesterday it wasn’t worth writing a blog but today was a different story. I had such a fantastic day today.

At 9am I set off towards Kensington Gardens. It was 5 ° Celsius and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so I had to take my coat off as I was too warm and spent the morning with people staring at me wondering if I had completely lost the plot.

My first stop was Kensington Palace where I spent time walking through the State Apartments on display. The design and architecture for those times were and still are stunning. One woman ahead of me asked a historian a simple question regarding who was in a particular portrait she was looking at, only to get a history lesson in that entire family. The man took his job seriously.

When I left the Palace I walked over the the lake to see all the ducks and geese and also there were dozens of dogs being walked. So much cuteness at the park. I made my way across the gardens to the Victoria and Albert Museum. Thankfully it was free admission, as I thought it was pretty average and I lasted all of 15 minutes before I beelined for Harrods. Harrods of course was a mad house but I took photos of the Christmas shop and other areas and left. Mission accomplished.

I walked for a fair bit and hit up Primark to buy some thermals and gloves. That store is so bloody cheap it isn’t funny. I am going to have to repack my bags to fit everything in. I have also purchased gifts for family members for Christmas throughout today’s journey. I hope they like them it’s not like I can exchange them easily!

I contemplated whether I should get a train back to my hotel. It was about 1.30pm and I had not eaten, yet had an obscene amount of coffee! I chose to walk the 30 minutes back and saw the sun disappear behind the darkest cloud ever. It rained lightly for most of the walk. As I got closer to hotel I stopped at Prince Alfred pub for food and wine and sat beside the fireplace. It was perfect.

Later on after ditching shopping bags in room I went to Oxford Street to see the famous Christmas light display. This time I caught the train, I didn’t have another 30 minute walk in me. The light display was so bad! I’ll head out tomorrow night to see if I can find something else. The major reason I came to London was to see the lights and it was, for a better lack of a word-shit! I have fairy light curtains at home that do a better job. All I can do is laugh. But hey I can cross it off my bucket list now.

Seriously WTF?!

I am back in my hotel room all showered, warm and clean and am plotting tomorrows plans. I am hoping to see Camden Town Markets first up followed by St.Christopher’s place. I am at that point with gifts I could give what I have but I want to get other gifts to add! I love shopping for people.

Goodnight from London, Lauren xoxo

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