A beautiful, rainy day in London

My morning kicked off with a train ride to Camden Town where the rain was absolutely freezing and coming in at an angle. I purchased some gifts for family members which finished off that most important task. I am going to have to be smart about packing my suitcases as they are both full and I am not even sure if I exceed the weight limit yet. I’m too scared to weigh them!

I have done a fair bit of shopping this trip but I have found I purchased really good items such as clothes and not too many souvenirs. Items I will love, use, value and appreciate.

I made my way back over to Bond Street station where I found St Christopher’s Place which was recommended to me by my Doctor. He is originally from London and gave me a list of places to visit since I was here specifically for Christmas decorations etc. I am so glad I went there it was such a beautiful little hidden treasure in the middle of the city. The rain had eased off thankfully by lunchtime so I could enjoy the day even more.

For the rest of the afternoon I walked up and down Oxford and Regent Street taking in all the sights. Regent street was much more impressive than Oxford. The lights were on at around 1pm but the weather was starting to turn again and I honestly didn’t want to hang around to see them in the dark. Along the way I checked out Primark again for what seemed like the millionth time and stumbled across the Disney store too. That was pretty small in comparison to others around the world but still fun to see. They had a Frozen display with Sven the reindeer who is one of my favourite Disney characters. The animals really do make the movies! I haven’t seen Frozen 2 yet.

Exhaustion hit me hard around 2pm. I had only been out for 5 hours but when you throw in the cold and rain plus train lines breaking down due to faults, it can catch up with you. I made my way back to the hotel (via the Prince Alfred Pub!) where I had a nice hot shower and am playing Tetris with the suitcase packing situation. I have to get up at 2am in the morning for a very early flight to Norway where my Arctic circle tour starts. I am so excited for this tour!

I didn’t get a chance to see any shows whilst I was here which is fine. I also wanted to visit the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland when it was in full swing. I walked through it yesterday and it was so pretty during the day, I can imagine how great it would be at night. Except for those 2 attractions I saw and did everything I had on my list of things to do whilst I was here so I am very pleased. I didn’t think I would get it all done since I only had the 2 days.

As I finish up today’s blog the rain is falling quite hard outside and the wind is brutal. I’m all snuggled up in my room with a good book, living my best cozy life.


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