Recharging the body’s batteries

My holiday has been pretty busy without a minute to spare leading up to my arrival in Norway. I have been utilising every minute, and travelling internationally every 3 days was getting exhausting. Taxi, airport, taxi, hotel and repeat.

Since arriving here in Alta I have had the opportunity to catch up on sleep. I found myself falling asleep watching YouTube and reading and yesterday I almost fell asleep in a restaurant. A clear sign of exhaustion. I haven’t been taking very good care of myself this year and my body is telling me it has had enough and needs rest. I am just physically and mentally burnt out. I am beyond sloth mode.

A recent trip to my Doctors required some blood tests and my Vitamin D is low but thankfully nothing else needs attention, not medically anyway. Always good to get a starting point on my journey to a fitter, healthier lifestyle.

I have been eating very well whilst travelling. I have cut a lot of meat out of my meals – don’t declare me a vegetarian just yet- and drinking plenty of water and not as much alcohol. Junk food has hardly been touched compared to what I would stuff my face with back home. Normally on trips I have a cheat day everyday and eat what I want but I have been responsible.

All the walking has done me a world of good. I need to work on my overall fitness so I am trying to decide if I want to join a local gym when I return home to do some strength training or put together a mini gym in my double garage at home. I am hoping my Dad hasn’t taken over too much space whilst I am away. I said he could store some motorcycles in there. I do have some equipment to get started such as a treadmill and rowing machine. I would take my staffy Shomo for walks but he hates doing it. He would rather sit on my lap and snuggle with me. Maybe I could get a pram to push him around in. Now there is a great idea!

My lil man Shomo ❤

During this break I’ll rest when I need to and not exert myself and not feel the need to do absolutely everything whilst on this trip. My diet can be started now. None of this “I’ll start next year’ new year resolutions.

I’m pretty big on setting goals too. I have listed 3 goals I want to achieve and have been very specific about what I want and when. I have set goals for dates I want to be a certain weight by. I also have my friend Sam who is my accountability partner. We have had each other’s backs since Summer Camp Mars back in September and she has been a big help. My goals back then were not as specific which is why I haven’t accomplished them.

In saying all that, I’m off to bed. Good night.


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