OMG what day is it?!

I have seriously lost track of my days. I didn’t blog yesterday as I was absolutely wrecked after our very long bus journey from Alta to Kirkenes in Norway which was approximately 500km. Between the time changes (short cut through Finland and back into Norway), wrong time on the bus display, the all day darkness due to cloud cover and snow plus talking with Mum who is a day ahead in Sydney, I am completely lost. But I’m on holidays so that’s ok and Mum knows I am alive and wearing a jacket- sort of! I am enjoying the cold weather if I’m honest.

I’m going to blog individual posts on places we have visited as I have enjoyed Norway so much. The people were absolutely lovely there and so laid back. Each place deserves it’s own blog as I would return again and I highly recommend Norway, especially Alta and Kirkenes where we have spent most time in.


Today we arrived in Finland at Santa’s Tunturi Hotel just short of the Arctic Circle. Thankfully we have free time this evening and don’t have to meet up until 11.30am tomorrow morning so I can organise my poor, tired brain. I’m glad I am not only one in group who is confused. The itinerary was pretty basic from the original company that was supposed to run this tour (they closed up shop in September) and the company that saved the day left it as is. I would go into detail but even we can’t keep up. Our tour guide Javier has been amazing in looking after us and making sure we are all looked after.

I am sitting in the hotel after enjoying a lovely meal that didn’t involve reindeer meat, and finishing of a vodka,soda and lime or 4 before the restaurant closes. Our rooms have their own saunas too so I am tossing up whether I can be bothered to have one.

View from room

Tomorrow we visit a reindeer farm and go on a sled ride. We collected our proper winter gear we require for rest of trip today so we are ready to go. I have seen reindeer in our travels but I am so excited to get up and personal with them. There is a slim chance we will see Northern Lights due to this snow which I am ok with but if I don’t get a selfie with a reindeer…….

I apologise if this blog sounds like a hot mess but I am truly tired. Turns out that rest and recharge I spoke about in last blog only lasted me a day. Holidays are not relaxing!

Chat tomorrow, Lauren