Reindeer, igloos and huskys

What an incredible couple of days. The last 2 days have been absolutely thrilling and I knocked a few items off my bucket list.

Yesterday kicked off with a visit to a reindeer farm and we went for a sled ride around the property. I love reindeer and was almost crying due to excitement in finally seeing them up close. They are adorable and we learnt so much about them. I think I shoved my way to the front of the group to be first to jump on a sled, I was so keen.

After the activity we went to the Arctic Glass Igloo and Snow Hotel. We all stayed in our own private igloos. We were allowed to wander through the Snow Hotel which was open for its first night and the craftsmanship that goes into building these is on a whole other level. We also were permitted to visit the sauna and jacuzzis to have a look before it opened for a private function.

The ice chapel

Our igloos all had an Aurora alarm for the Northern Lights. At 1.30am it went off but we just missed seeing them with the naked eye. You could see a swirl of white cloud and cameras picked up the lights for those who went for walk on other side of lake. I was freezing as it was -15° so I returned to igloo to sleep and missed out but that’s ok. I still have a couple of nights and weather should be clearer. I’ll be ok if I miss them. You can’t rush Mother Nature.

Not a great picture but you can see the stars.

Today we left our igloos and visited a Husky Farm. I got to drive a sled with 5 dogs and it was the most fun I have ever had. It was -9° but by end of 3km journey I was actually warm. Work that one out! We were taught about the dog sled races that can take up to a week to complete and visited all the other dogs who had the day off. They just want to run and are fluffy balls of energy. It was an epic morning. As much as I love reindeer this was the ultimate experience.

We made our way to Santa Claus Village just past (and on) the Arctic Circle. It was wild! We got photos and video with the big guy himself. It really brings out the inner child within you and we realised the people lining up to see Santa were mostly adults. I actually didn’t realise we were there just this afternoon so I am heading back in a couple of days to post postcards to friends and family before I fly home.

Made it!

For next 3 nights I am staying in Roveniemi before I make the long journey home. I highly recommend that anyone and everyone complete a tour like this one. It has been magical.