The rain has arrived in Sydney

Today is off to a great start with rain finally making its long awaited appearance here in Sydney.

Whilst a lot of the State and parts of the Country are under threat of fire, forecasters have been predicting rain for this week. I honestly didn’t think it would come. For the rain to assist the fire affected areas we need at least 50mm of rain. That is a lot and we all hope we get it.

At home I always have the tv on, music playing or an audio book playing. When it rains I have everything off and the doors and windows open and just listen to the sound of rain fall outside. I find it very relaxing. It’s even better when there is thunder and lightning, which we have a bit of at the moment due to my dog’s disgust. Poor thing he hates the thunder.

I do hope the rain lasts for sometime we desperately need it, especially our farmers. They have suffered terribly throughout this horrific drought and a lot reached breaking point with the fires destroying what little they had left.

Cheers to the rain! Lauren

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