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Planning for the future – beyond 2020

Where have the last 10 years gone? A third of my life has passed and I find myself making a list of what I have accomplished and overcome in this time. It isn't as big as I thought it would be and some things I wonder if I am putting them down for sake of… Continue reading Planning for the future – beyond 2020

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Dealing with chronic stress

To say that stress has been kicking my arse of late is an understatement. This past week my body has had enough and I have everything from tired aching muscles, tension headaches, insomnia, major anxiety and now I can add eczema to list. My body has broken out and I am officially over living like… Continue reading Dealing with chronic stress

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Books that rocked my world

I am a big reader. I love books and can have 4 going at the same time. There are some books that really inspired me, educated me and changed my life. Some are also falling apart because I have always gone back to read them over and over. In no particular order they are: The… Continue reading Books that rocked my world

Travelling Through Wonderland

Relaunch of Travelling Through Wonderland

After two years of shutting down my blog, I am back. I have really missed blogging and wished I stuck with it, but we cannot change the past, just learn and grow from it. Which is really what my page is all about. Taking you on my journey and offering advice and inspiration where I… Continue reading Relaunch of Travelling Through Wonderland