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Slow death of the classic Christmas card

Since I was little I have always sent Christmas cards to my friends and family. It was always fun back at primary and high school to have cards being given out left, right and centre and having a stash to take home to decorate your bedroom. As we got older the list got culled to… Continue reading Slow death of the classic Christmas card

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Blogmas- Mission Completed

Day 26 of Blogmas and the last day! Mission accomplished! Thank you for following. I will be going back to Saturday and Monday posting. I hope you all enjoyed Blogmas, I know I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. My next trip is over NYE down to Victoria to celebrate with 2 dear friends of mine, Samantha… Continue reading Blogmas- Mission Completed

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Last minute shopping at Santa Claus Village

Most of our tour group members left today to either head home or travel to their next destination. It was a really great group I got to spend the week with and there were a lot of laughs along the way. After our goodbyes I had to dash out to Santa Claus Village to post… Continue reading Last minute shopping at Santa Claus Village

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Reindeer, igloos and huskys

What an incredible couple of days. The last 2 days have been absolutely thrilling and I knocked a few items off my bucket list. Yesterday kicked off with a visit to a reindeer farm and we went for a sled ride around the property. I love reindeer and was almost crying due to excitement in… Continue reading Reindeer, igloos and huskys

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OMG what day is it?!

I have seriously lost track of my days. I didn't blog yesterday as I was absolutely wrecked after our very long bus journey from Alta to Kirkenes in Norway which was approximately 500km. Between the time changes (short cut through Finland and back into Norway), wrong time on the bus display, the all day darkness… Continue reading OMG what day is it?!

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On the first day of Blogmas

Today was a shopping day to get some last minute items I need for my upcoming trip. I had to buy some power adaptors for UK and EU as I couldn't find mine. I know they will magically appear when I start packing my suitcase. If I do I'll take them anyway and leave at… Continue reading On the first day of Blogmas