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Reality of no travel, setting goals and where I am at

The World got smashed by this pandemic in March and it is now August and it will be going on for some time to come. Experts say this pandemic could last as long as 2 years as history has shown with previous pandemics. We could suffer up 4 waves of the Coronavirus. I have gotten… Continue reading Reality of no travel, setting goals and where I am at

Travelling Through Wonderland

Getting back into the groove of things

As the Nation slowly reopens its doors I too am getting into a new routine for work and life. Like everyone else I have been unable to make plans, set goals or drive outside my local area. It was incredibly frustrating especially in the early days when we had no idea of an end date… Continue reading Getting back into the groove of things


30 day decluttering challenge

I think it is safe to say that lockdown will remain until the end of April after the Australian Government ramped it up again and imposed stronger restrictions on our day to day lives. So I decided to put together a little tracker for myself and will complete a 30 day decluttering challenge during April… Continue reading 30 day decluttering challenge


March 2020 – Everything has changed

What a weird and wild time March has been with this global pandemic that has hit us. The world hasn't seen anything like this is just over 100 years and we are doing our best to keep COVID-19 at bay. I am big on keeping notes and journals of my daily life to help me… Continue reading March 2020 – Everything has changed


Finding routine when working from home

One may think it is easy working from home but as some of my friends are quickly finding out, it isn't all it is cracked up to be. They joke I have it easy as I work in the office for first half of morning, then I work from home for rest of day. Sure… Continue reading Finding routine when working from home